Life, Momentum & Hell

Folks, I feel unstoppable right now.

Today I woke up at 9am, cleaned the house, made fancy breakfast for two, did the laundry, did some drawing, bought groceries, cooked dinner, went to MMA, sent some emails, did some writing and THRIVED.

We are in peak momentum.

Momentum and I, we’ve had our troubles in the past sure, but this time I really feel we’re connecting.

I mean, past Slinky would toss herself out of bed, slither to the living room, nest on the sofa and vegetate for hours slurping sweetened yoghurt.

Building momentum is hard. That is why I am The Lazy Slinky.

Every writer needs a deadline. So too does every teacher need a Hell in the distance. The reason for my current ability to cope with the bare necessities of life is due to fear. Fear and anticipation. Fear, anticipation and horror. Fear, anticipation, horror and one more thing that I can’t think of…because I’m so scared.

The thing about teaching is that a timetable can be a deceptive little whore. You look at it and you think – huh, not too bad. Only teaching for so many hours. Easy with a side order of peasy. Then you do that annoying double finger gun with tongue click thing and everyone hates you.

Then you realise you need to plan. Lessons need to be cohesive. Homework needs to be given. And marked. Oh God… the marking. That’s fine, I’ll just procrastinate by having mandatory meetings with students every week. Oh, and meetings with my manager, other teachers, training sessions…



Pretty soon your day is more like…wake up at 6am, pee, drink a hot beverage, work, pee, drink a hot beverage, eat beans, pee, work, drink a hot beverage, have nightmares, wake up at 6am…

And my timetable is one of those aforementioned whores. First few weeks, pretty easy. Soon though, Hell shall unleash and I shall wither.

So to keep this up, I need to ask myself questions. What am I having for dinner? When am I going to MMA classes? Is today a day to feel bad about my writing or my drawing? When is laundry day? How many times have I worn this bra?

So far, the fear is working, and the Slinky is winning.

But once again what is good will cripple me until I’m back in my pudgy ball of sadness.

That was the moral of the story.

Thank you.

Are you currently in momentum, sofa nest, or pudgy ball of sadness mode?

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