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30-something British-Pakistani writer sharing stories and feelings to help you feel a little less overwhelmed in this maddening world. Positive vibes only are the aim but not always the reality

The Lazy Slinky is about me. But not in a “look! I’m a super interesting person doing interesting things!” kind of way. It’s more in a “life has its ups and downs and we should talk about our feelings more” kind of way.

And I make jokes. Because life is relentless and if we lose sight of the humour in sad things, we lose our ability to laugh and comfort ourselves during the bad times.

Thisss level of comfort.

I write about being bicultural, struggling with work/life balance, having a cat, finance, body image stuff and this really weird sink I had when I lived in China. I write to crystallise my thoughts and feelings about my life. May all my emotional wrangling be entertaining to you lovely people.

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  2. I won’t be enjoying Mother’s day celebrations until May. I will admit I am unabashedly a fan of the day. It is generally a day I get to spend time with some of my favorite people, doing things I generally like doing. Do I buy and receive flowers? Yes, but then I buy and receive flowers throughout the year (I’m generally buying the flowers for myself). In any case, cynical people will be cynical about anything. They can pick on Mother’s day if it makes them feel better, I’ll enjoy it. Thanks for a fun post!


    1. Well said unfathomably fantastic commenter!
      And why shouldn’t you enjoy it! It’s a sweet, innocent little day with a hearty message for us all.
      Glad you enjoyed the post ^.^ Thanks for a lovely comment!



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