Sophia graduated with a useless degree in 2013 and promptly fell to pieces in an angry job market. She realised nobody cared to hire the trained media theorist and doers were required, not thinkers. She became skilled in excuses along with educated guesses concerning life, its hurdles and meaningless quasi-philosophical discussions cleverly designed to shroud her lack of life experience.

She continues today to insist that she is rubbish at many things whilst secretly believing she may in fact be God. Neither of these is true. She is simply a nervous narcissist.

Follow this madness if your life does not produce enough of its own.

Also follow if you do have enough but want to know how bad it can get.

Or follow because you find it funny.

Or are a publishing person/editor.

Especially that last one.

She is currently writing a book.

She is also a teacher.

Email thelazyslinky@gmail.com

Facebook The Lazy Slinky

Twitter @sophienz


2 thoughts on “About/Contact

  1. I won’t be enjoying Mother’s day celebrations until May. I will admit I am unabashedly a fan of the day. It is generally a day I get to spend time with some of my favorite people, doing things I generally like doing. Do I buy and receive flowers? Yes, but then I buy and receive flowers throughout the year (I’m generally buying the flowers for myself). In any case, cynical people will be cynical about anything. They can pick on Mother’s day if it makes them feel better, I’ll enjoy it. Thanks for a fun post!

    1. Well said unfathomably fantastic commenter!
      And why shouldn’t you enjoy it! It’s a sweet, innocent little day with a hearty message for us all.
      Glad you enjoyed the post ^.^ Thanks for a lovely comment!

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