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Babies: I Have No Time to Write a Blog Post but Please don't Leave Me

As I frantically attempt to maintain some integrity as a student, I feel compelled to share with you the strange thoughts I have when asked to do the simplest of things.

A teeny weeny newborn baby? I do not wish to hold it. At all.

No I am not a child-hater or one of those people that complains too much about how annoying children are.

…Because I simply do not wish to hold them; they’re tiny. Put them down somewhere. See now they’re safe. Safe from my irresponsible arms.

I don’t care if you worked hard to birth it, keep its fleshy vulnerability away! >.<

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  1. Woah dude, that’s pretty clumsy. Be careful about holding Ming Vase’s or armed grenades too. I don’t like holding babies myself; I share your anxiety.


    1. It’s like.. a’re holding a whole person. A teeny weeny person incapable of doing anything for themselves.
      But i did hold my niece cos i was sitting down at the time. It’s okay, gravity and I were at a stalemate.
      But then my arm got tired >.<


      1. Yeah I’ll hold a baby if I’m sitting. That way if they slip they’ll at least fall on something plush. Babies should be like cats. If they fall from a height they should be able to flip and smoothly land on all fours.



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