Rethinking nostalgia: The world is no longer yours…

Reader of Infinite Wisdom, I ask you, what is UP with people and their disgusting fetishes with their younger selves? Not to mention the cringe-worthy attachment they have to the decade in which they grew up?

It is time for a rant!

I was casually bumbling my way through my Facebook news feed, and liking things for the pure pleasure of telling people, who don’t care, about things I find mildly amusing, when suddenly, this pops up:


BUTTS to that!

I honestly thought I had a bit more time before I started hearing people of my own age group using the phrase ‘kids today…’ with a solemn shake of the head. The same people also enjoy a hearty guffaw when I admit to them that yes, yes I do still watch cartoons. The same people then talk about how cartoons were so much better when they were youngER because, you know, they’re still young!

I have strong resentment for these people. Yes, perhaps I have mixed together various groups of people with valid thoughts and opinions but what the hell, a rant’s a rant.

Liar! You once thought the exact same thing!

Yes, Other Me, I did think like that once upon a bygone era…

Seriously it was a year ago…

…but I have grown as a person since then and feel the need to impart my wisdom…


…on those that so desperately need it!

You’re messed up…


Now I don’t reject the notion of nostalgia. In fact I believe my personal nostalgia to be the driving force behind many of my current life choices, especially nostalgia with regard to cartoons. I once made a list of all the shows I can remember from my childhood… it was quite long. I remember spiritually identifying with D.W in Arthur, laughing like the Joker in Batman TAS and going THUNDERCATS! HOOOOO! *Raises wooden spoo- SWORD*

My point is that if people can’t put themselves into the giddy childish mind set they had when watching those shows, no, they won’t understand kids shows nowadays. And that’s more to do with them outgrowing certain aspects of themselves than the shows getting worse.

I say this because; I for one think Cartoon Network is still friggin’ awesome! It still has crappy shows, but all decades come with their crap and their gold – get ovah urself!

Also beware of nostalgia. Nostalgia is the first stage of realising the world is no longer yours.

How do I put this…?

The concepts with which people define themselves will eventually wither. We all become relics of a bygone era. The only way to fight this is to never completely believe in a concept. To constantly be able to rethink your morals and ideals so that when they do change you’re ready to assimilate into a new order of thinking.

Um dude that’s kinda heavy…

Eventually you become the time capsule of an era with your own nostalgia. There comes a time when the new is no longer for you.

So basically keep an open mind because kids today are creating the nostalgia y’all are so fond of and it won’t be the same as yours. It needs to incorporate the way society has changed…eh, right Other Me?

In some sense now I can understand why growing old is so frightening. It’s not about wrinkles or health entirely. It may not even be entirely about fear of death. It’s a fear of being left behind

DUDE! Chill out! This is a happy blog!

Even at 21, I fear it so…

…you okay?

 I’ll be fine…

So like… Cartoon Network still has awesome shows. My current favourite is Adventure Time! Other shows like The Amazing World of Gumball and even the older stuff are around too and, if given a chance, rather than complaining about how sucky they are people might find they represent the changing times and changing ways in which kids today are thinking.

Despite some of the adult content in new shows, they have a relevance to the current age in which we live. I honestly wish at times that I had grown up with shows like Avatar: The Last Airbender simply because of the philosophy they share. The good shows don’t just teach morals; they teach philosophy that I rarely see in older shows, along with creating lasting characters.

I mean it makes me think kids today might actually be better off than –

Sophie, I’ve been thinking…

Oh, you’re better! What’s up?

What about iCarly?

You really didn’t think this blog post through.

I’ll answer that next time.


Take care my lovely reader!

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  1. 21, you say! So wise for your years. You get it girl … “In some sense now I can understand why growing old is so frightening. It’s not about wrinkles or health entirely. It may not even be entirely about fear of death. It’s a fear of being left behind…”. OMG when I read that, bells went off – that is exactly what I feel. At 69 I am madly racing against the clock. OOOOOHHH I feel a new blog coming on! Thank you


    1. Hellooo!
      Haha thank you so very much for the compliments, my head swells!
      I think at every age we feel we’re racing against the clock. We just feel bogged down by the preconceived notions of what our lives should be like. Age happens, might as well learn to connect with the wisdom it brings you, even if it slows you down.
      Thanks for stopping by! I adore orchids too, white ones are beautiful!



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