Life is beautiful: You pretentious piece of …

Yes, yes, yes this is late. It was Easter; I went to visit The Family. Forgive me O Fantabulous One!! At this rate I’ve pretty much expected having disappointed followers, if any followers at all… whatever a ‘follower’ is… sounds very cult-ish.

I have realised something. I am wholly, completely, totally, entirely, fully, absolutely, downright full of myself.

For most of us we’re the good guys in our tale. I mean unless you struggle with some sort of mind-numbing, fiery self-loathing you’re pretty much the protagonist in your life. (If not then…uh… *mandatory hug*) With every phase of life it’s always ‘You VS Current World Evil’. You against your parents (my God were you wrong), you against The System (yeah you were right but HELL to actually acting on it) or you against that bitch who acts all nice but she totally isn’t  (shush up, I have Dumb Woman issues…)

See now I followed that trend quite happily until recently. It has occurred to me that Current World Evil consists of way too much. I fight against unhealthy food, global warming, the government, people who hate cats (seriously, screw you guys), the self-righteous, the overly self-aware about their lack of self-righteousness leading them to be twice as self-righteous as the people they hate even though they won’t admit it because they claim to love everyone and also the people who through abhorring this self-righteousness squared debacle find meaning only in celebrating their detachment by constantly spying on the people they don’t want to be like. Honestly it’s a mad house and so my current plan of action, in a way, makes perfect sense.

Screw you guys, I am retreating within myself for a one person drama featuring the talents of me and Other Me as we clash over our own pretentious notions of self-discovery only to laugh, cry and swoon at nothing that makes any sense to anyone else. This lack of awareness of others will make us laugh and cry and swoon once more as we gain a new sense of meaning in our hatred of one another.

What is my magical solution after discovering the obvious fact that life is complicated and, in my case, riddled with First World, existential problems? I became my own antagonist.

Yep, being the good guy wasn’t enough for my ego, I had to go ahead and become the bad guy too because nobody else was good enough for the part. I suppose because nobody is more damaging to me than myself. It’s indulgent and often a waste of brain power but when it comes to it, it kinda helps having Other Me around. She’s loud and quite mean most of the time. We argue a lot but I’m getting to know her pretty well. She hates me as you would expect and often can be attributed to Writer’s Block.

This is when somebody who considers themselves creative sets out to present a piece of their soul and project it through a medium, be it a painting, a novel or a piece of music. What happens is a little voice inside their heads speaks to them and life turns into a psychological thriller.

I am trying very hard to write a novel here. I don’t really want fame, I do want money but for some reason Other Me thinks I am a talent-less  whiny, self-righteous, self-righteousness squared, detached just enough to be aware of it, daydreaming plonker.

Which I feel is uncalled for.

Daydreaming is totally a good thing for a writer.

I’ll let you know next time she acts up. It can be quite amusing.

Till next time my beloved reader!!

p.s. how on EARTH do I tag this post…? How will you find meee my lovelyy?!

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  1. Hmm… that’s a tough question. How to tag it, that is.
    I’m sure you’ll think of something; wouldn’t have found this post in the first place if you hadn’t.
    It’s a good idea, being your own antagonist. The only problem is, whenever something bad happens to you, it means you’ve been ‘foiled’. Good stuff becomes bad stuff and vice versa. Before you know it you’ll be living in Bizarro World.
    Why do I even know what that is? Fucking Superman…


    1. Reader you found meee! *joyful anime eyes*
      I know right… screw that guy with his adoring fans and overall lack of crippling angst… (I WUV Batman, cos he had this thing with Catwoman, and she loves cats Boo-yah!)

      Seriously, I think we always have this judging side of ourselves. Sometimes it helps to let it in, just a little. Critiquing others before yourself can be damaging in many ways. If I am foiled I shall rise again!


      1. *Returns joyful anime eyes*
        Superman sucks. He’s so overpowered, they constantly have to make up random crap to defeat him. Or use kryptonite, a plot device which got old forty years ago.

        I critique myself a lot, actually. Perfectionism and all. I really shouldn’t be blogging. I’m far too insecure. 😛


        1. The problem with ‘perfect’ characters like Superman is that you don’t really defeat them, you just keep delaying them until the climax. Which is lameness! It makes the villains look petty..

          Critiquing oneself is just one of those things that requires a fine balance. Too much and you shatter your soul and never attempt anything, too little and others get there first and shatter your soul for you. Soul shattering must be avoided in my expert opinion. Insecurity gives you things to write about though 😛


          1. I have a hatred for ‘perfect’ characters. I’ve never understood the point of not challenging your character, or making him/her too overpowered. There’s no tension, no drama. Why am I supposed to fear for this character’s life if I know they can kick the asses of everyone opposing them?

            I’ve yet to write about my insecurity. I mentioned it by and by. Hmm, I should make a note of this for the future…



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