Tourism: My First Steps

Hello reader!
Been a while!
Please don’t throw things!

So currently in Spain. You know how sometimes when you’re on holiday you feel too far away from home? And then you see someone wearing a T-shirt with Rihanna’s face on it and realise that you’re not really far enough away from anywhere…

I planned on making this a daily travels thing but to be honest who cares what I do. Sometimes I think I give my activities too much value. Also I can’t figure out how to format this piece beyond bold and strikeout which I used for effect above. Hence other me is being locked away in the dark corners of my mind which can’t be good for my mental health.

Anyway, Spain. I’ve been here since late Sunday night and can safely say that I have met very few Spanish people who aren’t trying to sell me things. That’s the problem with tourist spots. There is culture there but it feels very packaged and sold. The beach is nice though. And the weather. And…well the stuff being packaged and sold because no matter how clever and cultured I am about it, I am a tourist this week.

I do have negative associations with tourism though. Not with travelling but with tourism. Part of me thinks we should travel the world and see it for what it is rather than letting a country create an industry designed to make us comfortable in our ignorance whilst their own people may have their resources sapped.

Yes there is money in tourism but I just saw a McDonald’s and doubt most of its money goes to the locals. Or maybe it does. I don’t know. I’m just sick of going into different stores with the same products and not feeling lik-

Oh will you shut. UP!

Other Me?! How did you escape from the Realm of the Central Alignment?

Why, I used the power of Alternative Formatting!

Gee whiz! Can I have a go?

No shut up. And stop complaining you pretentious lump of hypocrisy.

It is hypocritical I’ll admit but come on I saw a fish and chip shop. It’ll like they’re trying to create home away from home just cos the weather’s nicer.

You don’t speak Spanish. You can say good morning, please and pardon. You need the tourism to function.


In the grand scheme of life expectations we all want a unique experience at some point in our lives. One that reflects our thoughts and ideals. Perhaps backpackers deserve more respect for taking risks and going rough. Or maybe holidayers for taking the time to relax. But reasons for travelling vary. Some do it to relax and some to stimulate their minds.

I haven’t even stimulated my palette…

Watcha have for dinner last night?


It wasn’t too bad.

You’re such a mess.

I know.

Right no more complaining. I chose a tourist spot, I walked around. I have explored. I bought a hat. Today I shall sit somewhere peaceful and contemplate life and death and the meaning of all things.

Until then my cultured reader, do svidanya! (Das Vadanya)

Wrong language amigo.

Ugh damn this!

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  1. If you don’t like tourism you have probably gone to the worst place possible after Turkey, but hey chill out your in the land of the Bull Bashers now that’s not touristy, a very vibrant and local blood sports, check it out.

    p.s quarter life crisis is half way to a midlife crisis ha ha


    1. Oh I realised the tourist mistake I had made but then thought, shouldn’t knock it till you’ve tried it. Went to Barcelona today, love city life.

      Also its got many of the same elements of the mid-life crisis. Only you get weird looks for admitting you’re going through it. And are often unemployed yo!
      Thanks for commenting! 🙂



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