Why a lazy slinky you ask?

Remember the slinky toy?

I’d climb the stairs, position it at the top step, stretch one end down to the next step aaand… RELEASE! The next few seconds were of manic joy as the coiled ambition would unleash with a sustained, rhytmic flop flip flumph flop flip flumph* down the steps. It would come to a rest at the bottom with an air of completed purpose.

I’m embellishing slightly.

Ordinarily, Slinky would Klinph Klonph HLUMPH! coming to an abrupt halt with no intention to continue.

“What happened to your coiled ambition?!” I would cry chasing after it.

I repeated my technique and sure enough, it would happen again. Sometimes it would be two Flops of progress. Other times we might manage three Flops and a Klonph and Slinky would roll onto her side careening down the steps (not like this!).

I truly wondered what I was doing wrong… and then discovered PlayStation and didn’t care so much.

But when thinking of a title for a blog, it helps to consider turning life experiences into metaphors. This childhood experience is now a metaphor for my main struggle in life.


I am a lazy slinky. I start and then stop before I should. This is not good. And will be a repeated theme such as when talking about trouble sleeping, trouble writing and good things also like saving money and attempting to exercise more. I try to make things funny and somewhat relatable, if not punctual.

*and so on

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