Why a slinky you ask?

Remember the slinky toy? Oh the memories! Remember climbing up the stairs, positioning it at the top step, stretching it down to the next one aaand… RELEASE! The next few seconds being ones of sheer joy at the flopping springiness as your beloved slinky descended the steps. Once it had settled it was time to bound down the stairs after it, climb up once more and do it all over again. Remember that?

Well I don’t.

It would happen after the release. Slinky would be on his way and then FLUMP! Resting on the third step. Quite content with his two flops of progress with no intention to continue. “What happened to your bouncing ambition?!” I would cry chasing after it. I repeat my technique and sure enough, it would happen again. This time with 3 flops. What am I doing wrong I would think. Various techniques were shown to me by my fellow 6 year olds but none seemed to work. My slinky remained lazy.

15 years on and I have come to realise something. I am a lazy slinky. I start and then stop before I should. This is not good. Therefore, for reasons of pure selfishness I have decided to start a blog. I promise to make it interesting and somewhat relevant if not punctual.

Pictured: my metaphorical self
Pictured: my metaphorical self




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